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    Please read and understand how you're expected to act decently on the network.

    Welcome to the network! Here are your details we collect(ed) for login verification. IP, Email, Browser, Language, Time, last page referrer, and server served. By signing up with the network you agree that collection of this data was intended, permitted, and understood before submitting registration. Privacy is a real concern and precautions are taken to ensure a level of competent security and privacy. Though with this being true no system is 100% secure. Be mindful of the content you submit and audience that may receive it. There are some basic guidelines to follow. No adult/graphic content is allowed in the public groups or comments or bulletins and will result in an IP ban. All parties are encouraged to pursue all forms of communication on our network but there are actions that are prohibited. Exploiting the site is not allowed in any form. The network will reserve it's right to pursue legal action of the highest form in the event user data or meta data is targeted or stolen. Harassment of persons or sects of humankind will result in permanent ip ban. Discrimination of any kind is subject to review in the event of abuse or complaint. Distribution of malicious code or software/hardware is prohibited in all forms on the network. By signing up with the network you agree to follow the mentioned guidelines. It's in the public interest that we as people are excellent to one another. Thank you.

    Security Policy, Privacy Practices

    Please read and understand how your data is respected.

    - The practices and policies herein are under development. All items marked with an "*" are not yet made a part of the -SP,PP- but are rather the planned implementations for this site. I the webmaster for this site take the subject of security and privacy seriously. To the best of my own abilities all data stored or transferred will be made as confidential as possible. While in development I ask that users use extreme prejudice in trusting this site with any personally identifiable information.
    - Cookie/Session encryption. All data stored in the PID cookie for this site is encrypted. The session is made secure using a method of obfuscation so that session highjacking is made more difficult. Though it is entirely possible that this can still happen. As always use caution with information submitted.
    - Message and Image encryption. The messages and images sent with each message are encrypted and stored that way until requested, but the file is theoretically impossible to open without the correct user.
    *- Site wide encryption. Currently the site hosting this beta version of DataStrap is secured with a trusted 2048bit certificate.(Having issues with https and the forum, we will see.)
    *- Disk, Database, Data-set Transparent Encryption.
    *- Data Anonymization, Minimization, and Fracturing. A practice of striping data or dumping bits randomly is used to create safe verification. While this helps ensure that if an attacker gains information what they can decrypt is not useful. To make sure that as little is truly known of the users identity as possible I only collect what information is needed for authentication. Once this is done the data is then fractured to make it as secure as possible. The less we store as a whole the less risk of intersection of cross reference there is. Don't submit your age, gender, location or personal preferences.
    *- Open sourced site code, once the site features have been completed the site's source code shall be free to public scrutiny so that all bugs, errors, and insecure practices can be fixed and then verified as corrected.

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