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Use the Article form for making new posts, they are pulled from the database and shown in order of most recent timestamp, there are only 30 post spaces on the front page and the limit in size is 60,000 characters per Article. Until I have pagination down we'll have to delete the oldest posts via their ids.

I can nearly make anything we could want for the web end of things, focusing on some basic social stuff like leaderboards, posting, and action rewards. The idea I have so far is to award users a base amount of exp points for making a single post on any article we put out. This way it's impossible to cheat. We get to set how much a post on any given article is worth as well =] (I really want to get this right and replace the forums.) I can make an xml database that will function for both a wiki and exchange, all the items/bosses/other info. will be stored there with descriptions for easy lookup. Won't see this for a while. It's a pain and a half to write the xml out p-p

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