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Solar accumulator with infinate multiplier tube units used as lamps and battery chargers. Space consessions van 21ft with sponcered vending items. Solar forge with ajoining dryice powered cooling well with 14ghz computation computer inside powering a heat exchange engine powered generator. Frequency modulated growth enhancing light mod for cannabis. Solar panel clears as body and whole make up of a christmas ornament quadcopter with wool tuffs movement can be scripted, Hover on touch, follow on beam interation, Stay near. Thermous beer mugs. Bumper sticker printers. Legal buisness to sue nano introductions in stores. Whole produce land development, wild. Salicylic acid cleaners: lemon-eucalyptus mint and vinegar. Purple ink using penny tea and canola oil.

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vikerus [Oct, 29th 7:40 pm]


vikerus [Oct, 29th 9:55 pm]


love the world you could have had

AGRealms, Company. Alt e

Coding a new day.

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Vikerus [Oct, 15th 5:30 pm]


It Stops

Vikerus [Sep, 4th 1:15 am]


give me my money

Vikerus [Aug, 6th 11:57 am]


Whys the cream de' cacao have caramel coloring in it? I don't like it!

Earth Is

Where does the first breathe of a human start from?

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Rebooting....What there is to look forward to and what we lost.

There has been a lot of talk between now and the latest loss of our server. But good news is ahead, spawn is nearing completion at about 50%. The first town will be started today. And the rebuild of all websites begins tonight.

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Vikerus [May, 22nd 9:31 pm]


I have found that with a crayon, a box and some tape, you can record sound and play it backward with your movement!

Vikerus [Apr, 3rd 4:16 pm]


Testing comments

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Justiscraft Pixelmon Adventure

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(Before joining the server you'll need Pixelmon Version: Download For Minecraft 1.12.2)

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Connect at our IP:, no cheats please. We do ban for that! A fair competitive arena is something the staff and members appreciate to keep honest. Our pixelmon adventure is focused on the community aspect of gaming together, just so happens we all cherish what pokemon is as well.

Just join. It's the most fun you'll have in Minecraft since your first day in game!




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What are Reserves Accounts?

Item Id Type Name Cost in points or reserves
member_001 membership Silver Membership 0 16000.00
member_002 membership Gold Membership 0 24000.00
member_003 membership Emerald Membership 0 34000.00
member_004 membership Diamond Membership 0 42000.00
member_005 membership Green Diamond Membership 0 58000.00
pb_5 Pixelmon Pokeballs x5 0 700.00
gb_5 Pixelmon Greatballs x5 0 900.00
ub_5 Pixelmon Ultraballs x5 0 2000.00
mb_1 Pixelmon Masterball x1 0 10000.00
rc_1 Pixelmon Rare Candy 0 5000.00
mp_5 Pixelmon Max Potion 0 2500.00
sd_1 Pixelmon Soul Dew 0 20000.00
ab_1 Pixelmon Abomasite 0 20000.00
ab_2 Pixelmon Absolite 0 20000.00
ae_1 Pixelmon Aerodactylite 0 20000.00
ag_1 Pixelmon Aggronite 0 20000.00
al_1 Pixelmon Alakazite 0 20000.00
al_2 Pixelmon Altarianite 0 20000.00
am_1 Pixelmon Ampharosite 0 20000.00
au_1 Pixelmon Audinite 0 20000.00
ba_1 Pixelmon Banettite 0 20000.00
be_1 Pixelmon Beedrillite 0 20000.00
bl_1 Pixelmon Blastoisinite 0 20000.00
bl_2 Pixelmon Blazikenite 0 20000.00
ca_1 Pixelmon Cameruptite 0 20000.00
chx_1 Pixelmon Charizardite X 0 20000.00
chy_1 Pixelmon Charizardite Y 0 20000.00
di_1 Pixelmon Diancite 0 20000.00
ga_1 Pixelmon Galladite 0 20000.00
ga_2 Pixelmon Garchompite 0 20000.00
ga_3 Pixelmon Gardevoirite 0 20000.00
ge_1 Pixelmon Gengarite 0 20000.00
gl_1 Pixelmon Glalitite 0 20000.00
gy_1 Pixelmon Gyaradosite 0 20000.00
he_1 Pixelmon Heracronite 0 20000.00
ho_1 Pixelmon Houndoominite 0 20000.00
ka_1 Pixelmon Kangaskhanite 0 20000.00
la_1 Pixelmon Latiasite 0 20000.00
la_2 Pixelmon Latiosite 0 20000.00
lo_1 Pixelmon Lopunnite 0 20000.00
lu_1 Pixelmon Lucarionite 0 20000.00
ma_1 Pixelmon Manectite 0 20000.00
ma_2 Pixelmon Mawilite 0 20000.00
ma_3 Pixelmon Medichamite 0 20000.00
me_1 Pixelmon Metagrossite 0 20000.00
me_1 Pixelmon Mewtwonite X 0 20000.00
me_2 Pixelmon Mewtwonite Y 0 20000.00
pi_1 Pixelmon Pidgeotite 0 20000.00
pi_2 Pixelmon Pinsirite 0 20000.00
sa_1 Pixelmon Sablenite 0 20000.00
sa_2 Pixelmon Salamencite 0 20000.00
sc_1 Pixelmon Sceptilite 0 20000.00
sc_2 Pixelmon Scizorite 0 20000.00
sh_1 Pixelmon Sharpedonite 0 20000.00
sl_1 Pixelmon Slowbronite 0 20000.00
st_1 Pixelmon Steelixite 0 20000.00
sw_1 Pixelmon Swampertite 0 20000.00
ty_1 Pixelmon Tyranitarite 0 20000.00
ve_1 Pixelmon Venusaurite 0 20000.00

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